The first and foremost priority of Kornique Pharmaceuticals private limited is to provide quality product.

Our team is dedicated to maintainig an uncompromising standard of quality in our products.

Main motto of our company is to provide mankind with pharmaceutical products accessible, affordable and effective as per the need.

We have the team of doctors, who put in their thoughts and actions to ensure that the human race gets from our company what is needed the most but has not been provided till yet. To provide the uncompromising quality at an affordable price with easy and uninterrupted availability of the most needed medicines, is what we strive for.

Our production units comply with the standards of cGMP & WHO and our products are made available for use only after unfailing scrutiny and fool proof lab tests to ensure that we provide medicines with the best quality every time it reaches a for human consumption.

Beyond business, we focus more on the idea of healing and curing the illness, with our diligent and intelligent efforts. And we try to fill the lacunae which are left in medical care to minimise the suffering of human beings.

Our company work in a culture where  the priority is service and we see financial profit/loss only as a bi-product. Therefore it is the “Health for all” and not the monetary profit what we strive for.